The "Spanish" Inquisition

Promptly, the heavy footsteps were at the door to their bedroom, then the armored foot was standing upon the ruins of their door.

“Fear ye, Xenos and Heretic, for Grand Inquisitor Nimix is here to cleanse this place.” said a metallic-edged voice from inside the armored suit. A few other suits edged in through the door behind him.

Barb grabbed the comforter quickly to cover herself. “Inquisitor!? What is this, the Spanish Inquisition??”

“Er…No?” said Nimix, who was obviously a little out of his element.

After noting that the awkward Inquisitor held a large, unfamiliar firearm in his hand, and that it was pointed straight at her, Barb looked over to her boyfriend, and noted that he was already standing, and also stark naked.

“So, the Empiyre knows, do they?” said her boyfriend with a sneer.

“What the frak is going on!? One day I dream you’re a Tyranid, the next we’ve got Inquisitors busting in our door! What the frak is going on here!?” screamed Barb, at no one in particular.

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