The Deceiver Begins His Deception

God, was he stupid?

Luc looked around himself, and was a little disappointed. He had hoped there would be something more interesting out here. He supposed there had to be, but the question was how to get to it without showing that he didn’t belong…

He recalled what the Creator had said regarding taking him “back,” and pondered it for a while. Then a sly smile crept across his face. He knew exactly what to do.

His wings slowly curled back into him, he shrunk a bit in height, and his skin darkened. He was promptly covered in the strange cloth that the Creator had been wearing.

Obviously, if they hated each other, there would’ve been a bit of a tussle, so he tore his clothes a bit and scratched his face. Perfect…And now for the captive. A sleeping and injured form of his usual self appeared in his arms.

And it was good. Luc cackled into the darkness.

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