A Practical Guide to Vampirism: Myths and Misconceptions (2-A)

MYTH #2: Good Vampires Are Tortured Souls

The depiction of the good vampire in the media is a relatively recent trend, and one growing in popularity. At first glance, one might see this as a positive thing. But the thing about Louis de Pointe du Lac, Nick Knight, and Angel from Joss Whedon’s Buffyverse, is that they are all tortured souls. They mourn the loss of their humanity and regret their transformation. This depiction is potentially as damaging, if not more so, as the stereotype of the evil vampire, because it sends the message to fledglings that they should be ashamed of whom they are.

Many fledglings experience this phase of being a tortured soul as they cling to their preconceived notions of vampirism, mainly those outlined in MYTH #1. As a result, they are not comfortable in their own skin. Some get stuck in that mode of thought, but many others are able to accept themselves, get past it and move on.

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