Venice Morning

Gentle spears of early morning sunlight lay upon the cobblestones of the Venetian walkway. Benjamin traced a hand over the elegant carvings of the banister. The calm turquoise water glinted beneath him.

A couple, probably newlyweds, were sitting on a gondola, with the signature Venetian paddling in the back. Benjamin heard their sighs of contentment from where he stood. He sighed. He hadn’t felt that in a while.

Suddenly, a slight vibration buzzed angrily through the air. He dug in his pocket and withdrew a slim phone, flicking it open with a finger.


“Yes,” he said, unsure. It was an unknown number.

“Come back here, now.”

“Back where?” He was tensed, now. He figured his years with Gregory had done that.

“Where do you think?”

Then, he recognized the voice with a curse. The only reason he would call would be for an emergency. The voice spoke again.

“We need you, Mug.”

The couple looked back to see that the man on the balcony had gone.

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