If At First, Etc.

“But, Magnificent Lord,” the archangel said, “I merely suggest—”

“Stuff it!” Simon snapped, rubbing his eyes. “You’re not the first.”

“Pardon, Great Creator Of Creation?”

Simon wished Angela was here. This wasn’t exactly a computer problem, but she was an ace debugger. Or maybe, he thought, she would’ve stopped him at two. Once was understandable, but this was getting embarrassing.

Tiny Lucifer’s eyes widened at the same time Simon felt a hot wind on his back. Simon looked over his shoulder. A T -Rex loomed over him.

“What?” Simon yelled.

The T-Rex flinched and gingerly offered Simon the fruit in its tiny paws.

“Oh. Thanks,” Simon told it. The dinosaur purred and tried to nuzzle its God. Simon patted its vast snout and tried not to fall over.

“You’re Number Five,” Simon said to Tiny Lucifer. “Not counting the gorram original, that is. And I’m not falling for it again.”

“Falling for what, O Beautiful—”

“Whatever you think you have planned,” Simon cut in. “Now, here’s what you’re going to do…”

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