Inside the Mind of the Caretaker

The Caretaker was feeling disturbed. There were several reasons for this: 1) he was concerned about the outcome of recent events, but, more likely, 2) he rarely felt at all, and was confused by how feeling…felt.

So: the waters surrounding Ellis Island had definitely killed Adrien—the Caretaker wouldn’t have been able to escape the confines of the body if they hadn’t. But later, the man (he used the term loosely) had been revived. A miracle. The Caretaker did not appreciate miracles.

But no matter. He had a new surprise. Just as Adrien retained remnants of the Caretaker’s stay in his body, so the Caretaker had fragments of Adrien in him. He could now think like Adrien, track Adrien, maybe even use Adrien to his advantage. Yes…

He had heard several things during his residence in Adrien’s body, as well. Benjamin…Mug was in Venice. Presumably, they had called that Finn back from his college. And, of course, Eagle was with him.

Oh, and yes, Adrien’s sister, too.

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