Radio Madness

Shade and I entered back into the room that we were in, Rachel leaning against the wall staring into space.

“Raachell..” I sang.

“Oh! Yes.” she awoke from her trance, “So do you guys want to go see him? I think I’m due a visit this week anyway.”

“Sure!” I said, elbowing Shade in the gut incase he didn’t want to go.

We all piled into Rachel’s convertable and we were off, singing loud and obnoxious to “Good Life” by Kanye West.

“Now my gramma-ma ain’t the only girl callin’ me bayy-bayy.. so if you feelin’ me now, then put yo’ hands up into the sky-y and let me hear you say.. ayy, aiyyy.. I’M GOOD !” we finished, exploding into laughter.

Shade simply sat in his little corner, keeping to himself. I rolled my eyes and jumped into the passenger seat at a stop light.

“Shot gun!” I yelled, making a hand gun and shooting the guy next to us.

“I swear you all secretly got high on air.” Shade finally spoke.

We gave him the double glare, but then “I’m So Hood” came on the radio.

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