There and Rap Again (Yoda's Rap Challange (I regret nothing))

My first name’s Russell, the second Ruffino
Don’t try and hustle me, I’ll cream you

This ain’t understated, it’s a rap ficlet
nothing too complicated, just couplets

Lets resume about my nom de plume
If I don’t mention it soon I’ll run out of room

But I could be generic and be anti-gay
then talk about women in a negative way

I’ve got my cap on backwards
you better clap my rap words

This hasn’t really been about my name
but don’t be silly, I could do this all day

There’s been no pattern, to my rhythms
that don’t matter, nothing rhymes with rhythms!

I bet your frantic, reading pointless verse
if you’re pedantic, it don’t get no worse

I’ll mention my name again, real soon
if this was a game, then I’d lose

Russell was my first surname, it got old
Then I got it changed, by deed poll

My last surname is a tad more celebrated
My granddad had it, before he emigrated

I better wrap this up this seems like the place
before I crap this up, and run out of sp

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