The King of Mars Dead End Challenge

We all have them. Ficlets that we’ve written that spawned no sequels, that withered and died, unloved, ignored, forgotten.

I’ve selected six of my own fallen ficlets and I challenge you to do what no one else has had the cojones to attempt – sequel them.

Maybe these ficlets were so perfect that everyone thought that to continue them was blasphemy.

Yeah, right.

More likely, these ficlets were either so inaccessible or just plain terrible that no one thought they were worth sequeling.

Whatever the reason, I would love to see what some of my fellow ficleteers can do with these dead-end tales.

1. Victims of Innocence

2. A Beast by Any Other Nameā€¦

3. Headed to the Windsor Ballet

4. Hello, Moonchild

5. Up All Night, Part 2

6. Maximizing Your Personal Growth Potential Through Unconventional Means

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