Steel Hearts

Winter seemed like the approriate setting for the scene. The cold bite of the season’s air and the serene frozen dreary look of the city made it seem more …”human” I guess. In retrospect I wonder if it could have ever really happened, but for whatever reason it did. .
I saw her there, her pale skin was aglow in the shimmering street lights. Her face was emotionless. Her eyes showed no fear no pain… nothing. I gasped as I ran over.
The shot had echoed throughout the city before I even realized I was being shot at.Yet, A1-B Elizabeth knew what was going on. She sacrificed herself for me and the took the shot willingly. Andriods weren’t supposed to react irrationally.
I raced to her watching her there dying. I grasped her in my arms and her body bleeding. She turned to me with pale blue eyes which hinted of nothng.
“Officer Thael…I realize now that even though I am not human… I have fallen in love with you.”
I could not fight back the tears nor the snow that began to fall around us.

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