Awesomeness Derailed

Awesome, more often than not, gets quickly derailed by blue and red flashing lights. As soon as they lit up so did the car with an assortment twice as colorful of angry vocabulary.

The cop looked just like any American cop until he started talking, “Good eve, eh. Do-ah, you know how fast you were goin’ there?”

Joe snickered in the back, and we just grinned politely as we heard the thwap of Lee punching Joe in his stupid arm. Some muttering followed, but we just kept grinning.

“I’m very sorry, officer,” Don said in his best penitent voice, learned from years as a choir boy, “We were a little excited about getting our friend to his bachelor party festivities.” Grin. Sweat. Grin. Thwap! Joe must have been about to say something.

The cop stroked his weak chin and said, “If you go this way, there’s a club on the left, eh, but it’s a hole. Better to double back and hit Cheetah’s on Chatham St. Have a nice night, and welcome to Canada, eh.”

“God bless Canada,” Joe whispered reverently.

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