5 Things I Hate Talking About

1. Overall I am learning to appreciate the way I look, but I worry I’ll never have a boyfriend because of my looks.

It’s stupid and it’s juvenile. It’s also how I feel.

2. I worry that I live too much inside my own mind.

I narrate each day to myself. I imagine being an onlooker and wondering what I’d think of me.

3. I love my friends, but I rarely want to hang out with them.

I’d much rather stay home by myself; do some writing and reading. Does it make me weird?

4. I’m scared for the future.

What’s going to happen to me? I’d like to be a writer or an artist. Either one sounds like an unsteady career path right now. The phrase “starving artist” always floats in my mind.

5. I hate how shy I am.

_If I could just start a conversation on a topic I’m well-versed in, it could go on for hours. _

We can look back and give advice, but we’re rougher on ourselves than we think. Thanks for listening.

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