An Open Letter to My Fellow Ficleteers Regarding My Story "ScapeGoat" — Part 2

This letter is directed at all of you “squares” out there who don’t understand the true meaning of horror.

Ghosts aren’t horror.

Vampires aren’t horror.

Being rectally-assaulted by monsters: now that’s horror.

Ask the Japanese. They know what I’m talking about. Go ahead: I’ll wait.

To the person who left the comment stating that ScapeGoat was “really not that bad” :

You’re bloody right it’s “not that badâ€?! It’s dead brilliant if I might say so myself. I believe that, in a mere 1024 characters, I have captured the true soul-desecrating, mind-eradicating horror of what it must be like to be forcibly violated in a sexual manner up the bum by a hairy half-man, half-goat, Satyr-like Goat-Man. Out of all the ficlets depicting goat-man-on-man buggery, I dare say this ficlet is in the top ten.

A “shout-out” (as the kids say) to Howie Amourscow. He’s a man who knows what is really terrible.

And to those who wish to “censor” or “silence” me: get bent.

You can’t stop the signal.

Till next time,

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