The Insane Knight Dies a Fiery Death

The Campfire towered over The Insane Knight. Tlod tugged on the knight’s arm, urging him to retreat. The Dragon named Horse slept through the commotion.

“Stand back, Tlod, I don’t want you to lose your head again,” the knight said as he slashed his Invisible Sword at the Campfire. The fire elemental dodged the blade.

“Damned Campfire,” The Insane Knight yelled, “Surrender or die!”

The fire elemental wrapped its arms around The Insane Knight. He struggled and cursed gibberish curses at the monster as it engulfed him completely. Then they vanished in a puff of smoke.

It took Tlod a moment to register what had just happened. He still wasn’t completely sure what had happened. The Insane Knight was gone, possibly dead. Being dead himself, Tlod wasn’t sure how to react.

Tlod stared down at the smouldering fire and wondered what to do next.

“What Happened?”, someone asked from behind him. He turned to see who had spoken.

“You can talk?!” Tlod asked in surprise.

Horse nodded.

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