Just Stay There

“Why can’t I get in there?!” I yelled, still sobbing uncontrollably.

“They’re performing a surgery in there, nobody’s allowed in.” one of the guards said.

“Is he going to be alright?!”

That’s all I need to know, please..

The guards looked at each other, and I collapsed on the floor. “We’re not sure.”

“Can I stay here until the surgery is over?”

I’m not leaving even if you say no.

“Why not.”

My phone started to vibrate – it was Derrick. “Hey.”

“Hey, what happened, you sound like you’ve been crying.”

“Chad’s at the hospital. He.. co..comm..” I couldn’t say it, but he got the message.

“Oh lord. I’ll be right over.”

“NO!” I practically yelled.

“Why not? He’s my bud and your my girlfriend and you both need support right now.”

“I’ll come over after I’m done here.”

“Why? Why don’t you want me-”

I hung up on him.

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