Scary Stalker Story(alliteration/metaphor schallenge)

As she was walking to her mailbox on a mournfully morbid midnight, she listened to the loud footfalls of her freakishly frightening footsteps. They sounded like a billion basketballs bouncing on a gym floor. She finally reached her mailbox, which loomed in the dark street like a dark cloud in a beautifully clear sky. As she opened her mailbox, she noticed the footfalls were still ringing resolutely in the night air.
Scared now, she turned around like she had just realized her house was on fire. That’s when she noticed a suspicious scary seeming sir. He walked with a hunch, like he belonged in a Disney movie. He kept creeping cautiously closer, like a timid puppy.
As she looked frantically around, she realized she was trapped like a bumbling big bear in a bear trap. He got even closer, until she could hear his breath sounding like he was Armstrong after a big race.
What are you doing on my seemingly safe street, she determinedly demanded.
In response, he spat like a coughing camel in Cairo.

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