Confusion, Again

Evan didn’t seem as cute anymore. He didn’t seem as funny. He didn’t seem as adorable.

The next month of school swept by.
Before I knew it, my soccer season had ended.
The football games had come and gone, and now all that was left was play offs.

We had given up on the burn notebook. Whenever Val had it, it would take weeks to get to the next person, but yet she hardly wrote anything. So Val quit. Then Rachel quit. Sadly the burn notebook was history. This didn’t stop a whole bunch of people from copying off of us and making their own notebook though.

After I had found out about Evan, and no longer liked him, I found that the confusion about Eric came back.

Some days he would completely ignore me. But somedays he would talk to me and laugh and flirt.
Why does he have to be so confusing? He’s sending me mixed signals. And he’s just making me more confused.

Do I still like him?

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