Written on a Napkin

“Wait!” Tiffany shrieked hopping up and down in pain. “Owww! This stupid concrete. It hurts.” She began to put her shoes back on.
“What are you doing?” I asked impatiently. I had to go back and talk to Damien. I had to tell him that we had to lay low for a while. Not that there was anything to hide.
“You go ahead Kay,” she said sitting down on a stoop.”Now hurry up.” She waved me away.
Perfect I thought. Now I could speak to him without worrying about Tiffany hovering nearby.
I jogged the next block thinking of what I would say to him. I reentered the house. There were a few stragglers still drinking and dancing. I searched for Damien. He’d have my sweater. He took it off me. I searched the house top to bottom, entering each room and seeing things I wish I hadn’t. No Damien.
A napkin with my name printed on it in Damien’s handwriting caught my eye just as I was leaving. I picked it up and read the other side. _Hey, beautiful. I saw you left your sweater. If you want it meet me tomorrow. I’ll call you.”

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