5 Things That You Never Knew About Stovohobo (You Know What? 6 Just for the Sake of Non-Conformity)

1. I love my friends, but sometimes they can get on my nerves. For example (names are changed. I am Fransisco [cuz it’s an amazing name] and he can be…Lorenzo):
Lorenzo: “Hey, Fransisco, can you come over today?”
Me: “Aw, sorry, Lorenzo, I already told you five days ago that I wasn’t available today.”
Lorenzo: ”.......Oh. O..OK. That’s fine.” [violins playing in the background]
Me: “Ah, c’mon, Lorenzo, it’s just that I can’t do it today! Maybe tomorrow, or Sunday.”
Lorenzo: ”.....Bye.” [click]

2. I have an overactive imagination. I like to think I’m prepared for every situation, but it can sort of kill a happy family road trip when someone thinks: “All right, if we hit another car, and I’m the only one conscious, then I’ll use my cell phone to call the cops. But what road are we on? Hmm…keep your eyes peeled for a road sign, Fransisco, keep your eyes peeeled…”

3. I hate people looking over my shoulder when I draw and constantly asking questions like “what’s that?!?”

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