CRRPD [Disease Challenge]

I have personally viewed multiple cases of a terribly common disease. Compulsive Road Rage Personality Disorder.

The average driver enters the road calmly, perhaps with a favorite radio station blaring into their brains creating feelings of happiness.

A person with CRRPD however, enters the vehicle with a frown and general unrest. Before they start the car, they begin feeling a sense of foreboding, that everyone will be out to prevent them from arriving at their destination. They have to shout at, flip off, honk behind, and accuse every driver of cutting them off or going too slowly. Passengers and stoplights are also helpless victims of this disorder.

Provoking a sufferer of CRRPD will result in adverse consequences. Some long-time sufferers are known to harbor weaponry for just such an occasion.

People with CRRPD are difficult to recognise. They may have angry expressions while driving, drive too fast, or honk too much. Treatment at this time is purely holistic, deep breathing and counting backwards.

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