My Numerous and Various Quirks (Pens' Challenge)

Quirks? Me? Well…

There’s the fact that whenever I read dialogue aloud, and I’m alone, I read it in a British accent. Nevermind if it wasn’t written in Great Britain! I tried an Irish one in Artemis Fowl, and a French one for The DaVinci Code…but I always reverted back to British.

Or that I sort m&m’s by color, make lines with them, and then eat until each line is the same length, and then finally eat each one by one until they’re all gone. Same goes for Skittles.

Or my pathological aversion to mayonnaise.

Or the fact that I absolutely must write every day. Otherwise, I can’t function properly. Same with singing. Even when I’ve lost my voice.

And then there’s that I MUST write in my journal in PURPLE INK ONLY . Anything else is unacceptable.

Oh, and my obsession with circles. Polkadots, wheels, rings, round tables, baskets, round windows (but not portholes) Unless I’m made to make domino dots round. Then I resent them.

I can’t walk without talking to myself.

Yep, that’s me.

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