New Year

To me, the end of a year was the end of a life. The memories are gone once again buried by more and more memories.
In a way I did not want to grow older because It seems like the older I become the less life I have to live.
1. Live life to the fullest
I wrote down on a piece of paper headed New Years Resolution.
I bit my lip and thought about what I should put down next. Maybe be more helpful or find something to do every night. I wasn’t quite sure. I wanted this new year to be the best and most remember able year ever. But how?
Hmm. I decided to go downstairs and get something to eat. As the microwave was heating up the popcorn, it hit me. The thing I’ve wanted to do all my life. The thing I’ve dreamed about but couldn’t possible come true. Fall in love.
Maybe it will happen. I’ll add it to my list. Maybe soon I will be able to cross it off!

Eventually, I did fall in love. I’ll never forget that stupid list I made and I will always remember it and that year that seemed like a day ago.

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