Tell Me A Story

Tell me a story about a time when there were no worries.

Sing me a song about a love that never died.

Read me a poem about a real life Utopia.

Make me believe that this world isn’t so cold.

Hold me tight and whisper in my ear, that the world is not so mean.

Put your arm around me, and tell me that nothing will ever hurt me.

Stare at me with those eyes, with a look that says,
I will always be there for you.

Hold my hand when I’m scared.

Let me lean on your shoulder when I need to cry.

Wipe away my tears when I do cry.

Smile for me, with a smile, that you don’t give to anyone else.

Let me know I’m special.

Show me that I am your world.

Tell me a story about a worth wiled romance.

Sing me a song that makes my insides tingle.

Read me a poem that washes away my fears.

Tell me a story about the day you fell in love with me.

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