Quirky Me (a pens & feathers challenge)

1. I love lists. I make them in my head, on paper, etc.

2. I love abbreviations, slang, and aim lingo. I have to force myself to write out full words. You probably wouldn’t understand most of my notebooks because I abbreviate everything, and I get excited when I think of or learn new ones.

3. When I write, my pen cap has to face to the words on the pen.

4. I hate the buzzing sound a fly makes, especially when it comes close to your ear.

5. I really like ice cream even though I’m lactose intolerant. (I pay for my sins later.)

6. I hate the sounds of pencils or markers on paper. I can only write with mechanical pencils and if I do, I have to chew on my tongue at the same time.

7. Dollar bills always have to face the same way.

8. I group Starbursts by color and eat them in the order of my least favorite first.

9. I love crunchy onions, especially with eggs.

10. I have to always wear two rings, one on each ring finger, so I can twist them when I’m nervous.

11. I have to watch something while I eat.

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