*_!FICLETS!_*>/THE MUSICAL\< song. *2*

...Ahhhh, this is nice, all set up here on Ficlets, lets see what we can do! hmmmm… ah yes, here we are…

right… WRITE !
time for me to write!
time for me to write my way into the NIIIIIIGHT !

Shall I tell of the story of old Mr. Woo?
well im not really sure how it goes…

I could type up a ficlet
about my good friend piglet
well that one, everyone KNOWS !

What to do what to do
my minds in a mess
maybe im not ready to go…

This ficlet thing has come really fast
so what do I write? I dont know!!!!

That featured story is really quite good
how could I ever compare?!

Maybe one day
that will be me!
When Im typeing ficlets without care!

Well here I go
my first couple words,
the counter is starting to count

a man with a gun
now this should be fun
the tension is starting to mount…

My story comes to an end
the robbers been shot
a heroic cop sings his song!

I look down below,
my heart fills with woe,

My ficlets two hundred too long!!!!!!!!

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