A Comprehensive Guide to Leaving Your Troubles Behind

Step one: Get in car, start engine. At this point, it’s always a good idea to roll down one or all of the windows. Never keep the windows up because you don’t want to mess up your hair. Your hair is not important.

Step two: Don sunglasses; the sillier, the better. But music is even more important than the sunglasses. It doesn’t matter what kind – whatever you like. But the thing is, you’ve got to put on something you can sing, and loudly. There’s something in singing out the window to your favorite song that just melts everything else away. You can’t be mad if you’re singing. It should be a law.

Step three: Choose destination. Highways are out of the question – too noisy, too much traffic. Take the backroads. Roads with trees lining both sides are best – they create natural organic tunnels. Never be afraid to get lost once in a while. That’s life. How will you ever learn anything new if you always know exactly where you are?

Step four: Shift. Drive. Leave everything else behind you.

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