Middle School

So far Abby had done everything she could think of.. that her parents would allow. She cut her hair, got her nose pierced and wanted to start going by her middle name, but no one went for that.

Anyway, another reason Abby was staying awake at night was because she missed middle school, Abby was in 9th grade and when she was in 8th grade she was really excited about highschool, but when she finally got there, she realized it wasn’t all that great.

In middle school, you saw everyone everyday, even if you didn’t have any classes with them. In Abby’s middle school everyone was nice to everyone. If someone didn’t like something about someone, they usually kept it to themselves. Sure there were some fights, only one really bad one the whole time she was there.

Another thing about middle school was band. Her whole band class was just a big huge group of friends. At lunch everyone would come and just hang out there. Now she hadn’t seen half of them since the last day of 8th grade.

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