So Much Suffering (Pt. 4 and final for now)

It’s so simple! They do nothing to you, you do nothing to them, and vice versa. But no, they always had to screw everything up. An all Terrinian city hadn’t a chance against the humans, because they were all jealous!

Jealousy plagued the humans like a bad disease. The Terrinia were past that, though. A race since the earliest dragonflies should be able to get past such a trivial emotion. Anything that was bad for you, they’d gotten rid of it after years and years of evolution. The scene in front of her vanished and she stared at her glowing hand.

“That’s all I know of,” the voice told her. “I’m sorry I can’t show you more.”

“It’s not a problem,” she replied. “The humans did it, didn’t they?”


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