Doodleberry Soup

We’d arrived at a tiny clearing studded with raspberry bushes.

“Pick a lot, now,” my Fairy Godmother said helpfully. “We need many berries to makes Doodleberry Soup.”

“What’s Doodleberry Soup?” I asked, pushing my hair away from my forehead.

“Well, what do you think you are collecting?”

And then it hit me. I plucked a berry off a bush and held it up close. From far away, it looked just like a raspberry. Upon further inspection, I realized that it had an iridescent gleam, like a bubble.

“Bite it,” my Fairy Godmother whispered.

I bit it. The most wonderful taste spilled onto my tongue; it was like drinking a rainbow. The sweetest, purest juice gushed from the berry. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. It smelled like sunshine.

“And now,” she said briskly, “It’s time to get you wings. Stand up and hold out your arms.”

Cast under the powerful spell of the delicious berry, I’d do anything. I stood up and obediently held out my arms.

“Now…one...two... THREE !” She cried.

And everything went black.

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