The Escape

Meanwhile, the rat was wondering why the authors kept calling her a him. Do I not look feminine? Stephan certainly thought so. He couldn’t keep his hands off me.

Perhaps it was the smashing of the plate over Stephan’s head or the way she threw the the 300 lb Stephan over her shoulder and started sprinting. Whatever the reason for the author confusion, Ficlet was feeling a bit self conscious.

It was a good thing Ficlet knocked him out. As “he” ran towards the exit the building imploded. An even better thing was that the exit door was still open or else their adventure would have been cut short.

With all her might, Ficlet jumped as the door frame came at them and barely escaped being sucked into the abyss below.

“If Stephan knew what had happened he would be thanking me for that bump on his head.”

At this point Ficlet realized that Stephan could still read her thoughts and turned around to see a freaked out Stephan.

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