Quirks: May or May Not Come from ADHD [challenge]

I suppose I have half-quirks. I don’t know if ADHD counts as a quirk in itself, but I’m sure it has caused others to sprout.
I recently got into the habbit of using the words ‘you’ and ‘dork’ often in succesion, and slurring them together, making the word ‘yadork.’ Despite my attempts to curb this new habbit, I have had little success.
I live in Minnesota, and have an odd way of speaking. I’d say it’s very hard to describe, but if you hear it, it’s pretty distinctive. I pick up bits and peices of different accents I hear, and subconsiously apply them to my own unique one.
I remember unimportant details, such as the fact that the guy who did bugs bunny’s voice was allergic to carrots.
I often hum make up tunes, (I’m very musically inclined_. 90% of the time, I realize what I’m humming would make an incredible song. 99% of the time, I can’t remember how it went.
I’ve come up with many nonsensical names for my dog, like ‘booglydoo.’
And lastly, all my improve singing is either in minor, or is very jazzy.

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