Not Much (Mistress Elsha Hawk's challenge)

It wasn’t much.

It wasn’t much at all.

But I won’t ever forget it…

It was the summer going into 5th grade. And it went by like most summer’s usually did. I slept in late, went to bed late, ate far too much, and did nothing but watch TV and chat on the computer.

Except this summer, my cousin came to stay with us. His name was Mazen, he was 17 years old.

Everyday the two of us would go out on our bikes. Me on mine, and Mazen on my dad’s. We would bike around the neighborhood. Stopping at the pond and feeding the ducks.

We use to go down the trail through the woods.
And then one day we found the hidden route.

Now I was younger then, and I didn’t realize that it wasn’t so much hidden, to me it was a secret hideaway.

We turned our bikes and went down the path…

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