Out of the Paper, Into the Train

“How’s your paper look?” Tom asked, glancing past the bold headlines at his friend John.
“Some controversial playwrite was killed,” Jon sighed. “He was good too… how’s yours?”
“That crazy train-wrecker got another,” Tom said. “And now they say that all the women on the train were gone.”
“I haven’t heard of this,” Jon said, thick eyebrows raised.
“Really? Some psycho keeps hitching rides on trains and somehow making them crash.”
“I’d like to see him try ours, we’d teach him a thing or two,” Jon said smugly.
Tom rolled his eyes; he doubted Jon would go very far to defend the train they were currently riding.
Suddenly Jon and Tom were thrown to the ground as a bang and screech filled the air.
HELP !” Jenny, the girl in the neighboring compartment, screamed.
Tom leapt to his feet, trying to pry open the door with no success. “Damn! Jon, help me!”
Jon stared in blind terror- he was old, was this too much?
“Jon, you need to help me!”
Jon came to his senses and began pulling at the door with Tom.

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