Just Like Old Times

“Hey Lily! That was fast! Oh my gosh, I haven’t seen you in a tank top in forever. It’s way cute” Anna was trying to act as if nothing was wrong.

“Oh thanks.” Lily had ment to be sincre, she really was thankful, but she was too tired and drained to be enthusiastic.

“We will be spending the night in my bedroom, you can have the bed, the floor is looking pretty nice right now.” Anna said smiling.

“Just like old times, before all the boys.” Lily mumbled.

Lily was happy, she really was, she didn’t have to hide anymore, she didn’t have to worry about being hurt anymore. She was free. Yet she had this strange feeling… something she couldn’t quite shake, a feeling that was telling her something was going to go completely wrong.

Lily and Anna made it up to Anna’s room. That’s when Anna finally saw Lily in bright light. She was chattering on about something, trying to not bring up any events from the day, when she turned around, took one look at Lily, and just gasped.

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