Phone Calls

Without even thinking, Abby picked up the phone.

Hey Seth!
Hey Abby, I was wondering if you would want me to come to the movie later for… uh… support.
Hah, why would I need support?
You know, first date with Ben.
Ohhh, well yeah you can come, you didn’t have to ask.
I know. Anyway, see you later, bye.

That was unlike Seth, usually when he called, they talked for more then five minutes. Abby had just remembered that she had told Seth about how she wasn’t sure about Ben, he didn’t know the whole story, but what you don’t know can’t hurt you… right?

It was only 5:45, this day was going by too slow for Abby, so she called Katelyn to pass the time.

Hey Katelyn, it’s Abby can you talk?
Oh um, I’m a little uh, busy right now, so I have to go.. I’ll see you at the movie. Bye!
Oh, ok bye Katelyn had hug up before the sentence was even out.

Abby was not having a good day. She could only hope the movie would be better.

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