The Lone

My name Is Lone Writer

Don’t make me say it twice

Ima give ya’ll a lil’ piece of advice

Ima girl with a pen and nothin to do

So go ahead and run

If ya know what’s good fo you

My friends call me the Masked Stranger

Because of the speed and the danger

That I write

I don’t wanna start no fight

The random words just pop in my head

The second I decide to hit the bed

And when this happens I just grab some led

Oh no! The smokes comin’ off the paper

This rap is worse then a movie called the Christmas Caper

I must be brain dead

Or outside of my head

OMG There’s a guy named Fred

The sky outside is startin to flame

Perhaps it is going to rain

I like coke

No dats not a joke

Oh dat’s the bell

Yo Mama is startin’ to yell

So go home if you’re a man

The Lone Writer’s going off to grab a coke can

What? That’s not yo mama?

I don’t care if its Barack Obama

Go back home and milk ya llama

The Lone Writer’s going off to chill in the sauna!

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