Hoist The Jolly Roger?!?!

I looked over at Sir Henry Corbluff.”What are we going to do?”I asked fearfully.
“What are we going to do?” he smiled as if nothing was happening. “I’ll tell you what we’ll do, milady!”
He turned to the crew and roared. “ HOIST THE JOLLY ROGER , LADS!
The crew scattered to do his bidding.
I gaped at him. “The Jolly Roger?! That’s a pirate flag!”
He looked at me innocently. “Indeed it is.”
That’s the moment I realized I was aboard a pirate ship.
“Gloria!” I turned toward the voice. It was the Captain hurrying towards me.
“Yes Cap’n?”
“Get below-!” The deck lurched as a cannonball hit the water near the ship. I fell to my knees.
Sir Henry shouted, looking for the first time a bit worried.”CAP’N!!THEY HAVE CHAIN SHOT !”
I struggled to my feet.
The Captain swore loudly and with creativity.He turned to me. “Gloria, get below decks!”
“But Cap’n!” I protested.”I want to help!”
“No time for argument! GO NOW !
The deck rocked again and threw me to the planks. I think we had taken a hit.
Oh No.

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