You've Got the Awesome Quiz…I've Got the Awesome Answers

1.Dating a celebrity?
Joan of Arc — only if she looks like Jane Wiedlin from Bill and Ted.

2.Buds with a celebrity?
Warren Ellis. Does internet celebrity count?

American Gladiator. My name: Explodo ®

4.TV show?
BSG . I’d play a hot-shot pilot who has an illicit affair with Starbuck and end up flying my Viper on a suicide mission against a Basestar…only to wake up later in a Cylon Resurrection Tank.
Besides, would it kill those guys to cast more African-Americans on that show? It’s like the only black people in space are Zoe from Firefly and Lando Calrissian.

I dunno…how about the power of flight,
that do anything for ya?
It’s levitation, Holmes
How about the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away
With mind bullets?
That’s telekinesis Kyle
How about the power…to move you?

6.In a band?
Nouvelle Bardot’s super-band. But only if I get to wear eyeshadow and play a Casio DG20 digital guitar.

7. If a character in your stories were real?
Lemuel Gulliver Gates: Time-Hopping Man of Mystery.

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