King of Mars' Answers to Nouvelle Bardot's Random Act of QUIZNESS

People who chew with their mouths open and smack loudly. Burn them at the stake.

Well, for starters, Kristen Bell is in it…

I’m a big sucker for fan-boy inside jokes that reference older movies, that only a tenth of the audience will get — e.g., the scene in “Grindhouse: Death Proof” where Kurt Russel is in the bar and tacked to the wall behind him is the shirt that he wore in “Big Trouble in Little China.” I nearly nerdgasmed when I saw that.

I invented this game where I would run up to people and frantically ask “What’s today’s date?” and when they answered, I’d respond in a dramatic voice: “My God…I’ve traveled through time!” Hey, you said weird.

I had a dream I ran into this girl I was infatuated with back in Junior High. Angela Ensley. Back then she had these hairy legs that for some odd reason I thought were really sexy when I was 14. In the dream she was hot, hairless and all grown up.

4-Way Diablo – Monster Magnet
Bitchin – The Donnas
Relationship of Command – At the Drive-In

Your Welcome.

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