A Picture's Worth A Thousand Questions

“So what’s she supposed to be doing?”

“Looking down.”

“At what?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Is she remembering something?”

“Does it look like it?”


“Then yes, she is.”

“What’s she remembering?”

“She’s remembering her mother.”

“Why would she be doing that?”

“Because her Mom died.”

“Then why is she smiling?”

“You kids are smarter than adults.”

“Wait, what?”

“She’s smiling at her mother, because her mother had hurt. But that girl is not smiling because her mom was hurt – she’s smiling because she knew that she would be happier in Heaven than she would be here on Earth.”


“Because the girl’s Dad abused the girl’s Mom. She knew because she would sneak into bed with her mom after he lashed out on her.”

“Oh. So why are you drawing a picture of it?”

“To remember your Gramma.”

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