Passion and Comfort (Kiss Challenge)

Gabriel held her as she wept. He stroked her hair, remaining silent and calm as the sobs racked her body. He marveled at the slightness of her frame, how fragile she felt in his arms as if she might break at the lightest touch. He felt a fierce protectiveness as he gathered her up and carried her to the sofa. He swallowed hard has her fingers curled around his neck, holding on.

Impulsively he placed a soft kiss on her forehead. For just a moment he regarded this pale, trembling girl in his arms with the eyes so filled with pain and fear. But all thought left him when he swiftly crushed his lips to hers, overwhelmed with a passion of such intensity that he was blindsided by it.

She gasped; completely shocked but she responded anyway, needing this comfort from him. She curled his fingers through Gabriel’s thick, black hair. His stubbled chin was rough against her sensitive skin. Gabriel’s hands held her head as he explored her mouth, shivering at the electric touch of their tongues.

He loved her so much.

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