The worst day of my life.. :)

The day started as any other would have….. well.. minus the dragon on the fire escape right outside my window. She really doesn’t count though as I didn’t see her until a few hours into it. By that time I would have welcomed a fiery inferno as eagerly as any other person welcomes a nice warm bath after having been out on a freezing cold day.

As I was saying, it started out as a nice day. I woke up in my nice soft bed, my cat nestled at the foot in a cozy little depression.

I got up and shuffled into my little white rabbit slippers, ambling to the bathroom to brush my teeth, comb my hair, and get ready for the day in general. I lifted the toilet lid and screamed.. That is part of my daily wake up ritual.

The scream helps me wake up and vent any residual stress from the day before. The scream today however was due to a 6 foot snake slithering out of my toilet bowl mid-morning, on the eighth floor of an apartment in downtown New York City!

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