Of Pirates,Gangstas,and Transdimensional Rifts{Fanfiction Generator}

The gangster whips out a submachine gun and sprayes the street wildly. Casings fall tinkering to the ground like rain. The man laughes as he cuts down innocent civilians, not noticing the gaudily garbed man approaching quietly behind him. The obscenly bearded man whips out a sword and stabs the gunman between the shoulderblades.
“That,mate,is exactly the type of thinking that got us in this mess.”he says to the lifeless body. As the pirate cleans his sword, cops start to swarm the area.
“You wouldnt happen to hav any rum,would you mate?”the man asks.He is met with raised guns.
“Oh bugga.”he says tactfully.
Suddenly, a transdimensional rift opens behind the pirate captain.A slimy tentacle reach through and grabs him.
“This mates, is the day you can remember when you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!” he says and then disappears with the tentacle through the rift.

The cops just shake their heads at yet another murderous episode in Vice City.

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