The Whistling Wind: A Southern Haunting

Well now, you sayin that reminds me of that time, bout ten years ago, when that black fella come ta town. He was tha best whistler I ever done heard in all my life. He’d start up ta whistlin’ and tha whole town’d gather round him and listen.

Clyde Shaneyfelt and his brother Clim weren’t too fond of this new black feller, seein’ as how they’s Klu Kluxers and all. This one time that feller was walkin down tha sidewalk, mindin’ his own, whistlin’ just as purty as ever. He sees Clyde Shaneyfelt’s girl and he tips his hat as he is passin’. Clyde got wind of that, and he and Clim went after that poor black fella. From what I hear they got a run for their money, but they still did that fella in. I heard they tossed em in Lampshade Lake with a buncha cinder blocks tied to em.

Well, exactly one year later Clyde and Clim was walkin’ down the sidewalk when they’s both struck dead with heart attacks. Everbody around em swore they heard the wind whistlin’ just as purty as they ever heard it in all their life.

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