Internet Acronyms: A Usage Guide (IA: AUG)

Acronyms are an important part of internet communications. Especially if you’re a bad typist. Sometimes, though, the acronyms can get out of hand and the next thing you know you don’t even know the meaning of ROFLMAOWJMHIYF ! Fear not, dear reader – I am here to help.

LOL : short for Leaking Out Love. A show of affection.

BRB : Bouncing Rabbit Balls. I have no idea.

BBIAB : Boring Bitch in a Bathtub. What a snooze she is.

AFK : Always Flying Kites (Common with kite enthusiasts.)

OMFG : Overly Manly French Gymnast. A little strange.

IMHO : I am a ho. A dirty slut.

ROFLMAO :” Rocky Only Fights Libyan Men Around October. Good to know in case you want to book him for a fight and you happen to be from there.

RTFM :” Rape The French Maid. What a terrible thing to say.

ASL : Always So Lonely. Sad, isn’t it?

Listed here are a few of the common acronyms you will see in everyday chat. I sincerely hope this helps you in the ever changing world of Internet Acronyms.

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