“Are you ready?” I asked him.


“Then close your eyes..”

“AUTUMN!” Kait yelled from behind me.

I closed my own eyes and breathed a sigh of infuriation. “Yeah?”

“You comin’?”

“I’ll be there in a sec, I’m kind of doing something!”

“But I need to talk to you.” she whined.

Warren had opened his eyes and was glaring at Kait.

“Tomorrow, I promise.” I turned to him and said.

He looked a little disappointed, but said okay and kissed me goodbye.

“Why haven’t you been coming home with me lately?” she asked as we were walking to my house.

“I’ve been walking with Warren.”


“What, are you mad at me?”

“I’m losing my best friend over some guy!”

“Well..” I had to think fast, “I think I’m going to break up with him anyway.”

OMG . No you’re not!

“Oh.. seriously?”

“Yeah,” I was beginning to stumble my words, “you mean more to me.”

“Well.. but what would you think if I told you that I liked him?”

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