Show Me

Tyler konked out again, and when I really wanted to talk to him.
How can he control time, too?
Why were his bodily functions speeding up and slowing down so much. Mine just keep up, but when I’m at my limit, thats when my bodily functions go crazy.
i thought about it, and after Tyler woke up, I told him everything I guessed.
“Wow….No way!” Tyler exclaimed. “I can control time, but I can’t do anything.”
I sighed.
“Trust me, Tyler.” I said. “You can do a lot with just a little, like-”
“Pff! No way, there isn’t any way how I can use my powers, this totally sucks.”
Grr. i hate it when people interrupt me!
“Tyler!” I exclaimed. “Do you have any idea what you can do?! I can freeze time for five seconds and take down ten Plasmen, and destroy a skyscraper in ten!”
“You have to be kidding me!”
“You want me to show you?”
“Okay, lets go to the lake.”

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