The Ghost Hunter

Corwin didn’t believe in ghosts, which was a really good thing, since he was a ghost hunter.

If Corwin had believed in ghosts, he’d be disappointed every time he went to a new abandoned house, or some other place that locals had been telling stories about for generations. Because there were never any ghosts.

Every encounter confirmed his beliefs, and Corwin was the happiest of all paranormal investigators. Others in the field, with their late night drinking binges, complete with sobbing and begging for the spirits to come, marveled at the happiest man in the profession.

Faith isn’t something that always makes you happy.

If Corwin had found ghosts, it would have changed things a lot. If he had found just one, he’d have spent the rest of his life miserable, because chances are he’d never have found another. A ghost is a rare thing, you know. But Corwin is going to understand his colleagues much better from now on.

The High Viscount of the Otherworld is annoyed by him.

But he doesn’t know this quite yet…

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