Mysterious Guy

Kamaria stared as he passed. Was this the guy I passed by the janitor’s closet?
Now she was curious. This mysterious guy possibly knew what was happening to her! She just had to talk to him. She started to quicken her pace and began making her way towards him.
He was walking really fast, as if to escape someone or something. His messy, black hair whipped back out of his face as he increased his pace. Kamaria was almost jogging now in her attempt to catch up with him.
He glanced back at her, and she stopped suddenly and gasped. She wasn’t positive, but she could have sworn that his eyes had turned an ultraviolet.
All of a sudden, Kamaria found herself face to face with the floor. Someone had run into her. Their books and papers were strewn all over the floor.
“Oh, wow. I’m sorry!”
Kamaria turned to see who had caused her to become acquaintances with the dusty hall floor.

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