Silence: legal trouble

A year followed soon after that, and she acted like he never existed. She walked right by him with her rather large group of friends at school, at the mini-mart, at the movies, at the ice rink, at the park,at the mall, the skatepark, everywhere!She even drove her convertible (with the roof on, of course) right by him when it was pouring out. He held a sign : Will give money for ride! A “tidal wave” engulfed him as he ran after her. She sped off, flying at 90 miles per hour!!!!!!!!!!Weeks passed…...highschool was getting harder…..senior year had finally come.(gulp!) She decided to take the “accident” into court. Yea. Now that’s legal trouble for you. She ordered a court hearing for the murder trial of her brother. No way he was her boyfriend.

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